Thursday, March 20, 2003

Hanging with the kitties

I was laying in bed this morning, being lazy cause I knew the news only had info on the war, and that charmed was one I had recently seen. Muffin decided to attack my eyeglasses that were on the top of the bed. *rolls eyes* Somehow the TV ended up on AMC, and I started watching the original Dragnet movie. I LOVE the original dragnet. Anyway.. being a lazy morning, it wasn't long before all the kitties were in the bed. I was in Connie Heaven. :) After Dragnet was the original Dr. Dolittle - from 1967 where they set out in search of the pink sea snail. I thought it was quite appropriate. At some point in the morning there was a test of the emergency broadcast system, which totally freaked the cats out. They all stood up and looked at the TV with a look that could kill. It was a riot.

Eli's ears got dirty over the weekend. *big sigh* Oh well. Im sure the vet can figure out what's going on.. Im not going to clean them again till we go in... *looks at calendar* Hum. I thought we were going in on a Friday, which was the 24th, but the 24th is a Monday. I'll have to check on that. Wow.. has it been five weeks already?

I was cleaning the kitchen this afternoon. Found a can of catfood in the fridge. I decided to warm it up and offer it to Ollie. Only thing is I KNEW that if I just gave it to him that the kittens would be all over it and stress him out. So I took him and the food and put both in the bathroom. I went in after five minutes, and he was cowering in the corner and the food was untouched. In the past, I have locked Ollie in the bathroom when he's lashed out... I didn't even consider that. It must have totally freaked him out to be quietly sleeping on the bed then being thrown in a place of punishment. I sat with him for 10 minutes patting him and cooing at him. He started purring, but he still wouldn't touch the food. So I took him and the food out, and locked the kittens in the bathroom. He still didn't touch it. Well he might have. I didn't watch. But Em was up and about so Im sure she had a bit too. I tried offering it to him again, even had the hubby offer it to him later. after about half an hour I decided I'd let the kittens out of the bathroom, and as promised, muffin dove right into it, wouldn't move her head so anyone else could get a nibble. I pulled her away, and jack dove in, not letting eli have a nibble. So I grabbed a paper plate and divvied it up.. some of it got on the floor... but in just a few moments there wasn't a trace of that food anywhere. Licked kitty clean.

Ollie is currently sitting on my lap and slamming his tail into my side. I think he's cheezed that Im not paying more attention to him and continuing to blog. I want him to know that the world isn't going to revolve with out him, but not that it revolves around him.. its a very fine line..

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