Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Muffin plays fetch

Muffin is back to playing fetch. She wanted some lovin, but it was exercise time for me, so I gave her a little, then went off to exercise. I have a step, and I do my modified version of step aerobics. She went off to find one of her little pompoms. She loves those things. Well, she brought it to play near where I was. I was worried about her getting underfoot, so I took the pompom and threw it down the hall. She immediately went after it. Of course, she brought it back. so I threw it again.. and yup.. she brought it back again.. :) She had a hard time finding it a couple of times cause she chose a ball that is the same color as the rug..

lol.. she's off sticking the ball in hard-to-get-out places to work at getting it out.. man she's cute.

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