Tuesday, March 25, 2003

I can be an idiot

well I left the kitty toy making supplies on the floor last night.. stupid connie. Now there are feathers all over the place.. :)

I woke up this morning as the hubby was leaving for work, and I realized I had most of the kitties in bed with me. I eventually got up and came out here, and poof, now they are all out here with me. They are scattered about the room, but they are here. They are like this pretty much every day. I love that they are so people orientated. Man I make good kittens. :) What's my secret? Acclimating them to the things while they are young. spending lots of time holding them and cuddling them. touching them on areas that most cats don't like when they are older, paws, tummies. Extend their claws when patting them.. get them used to things they will have to endure for the rest of their life so that its just second nature to them.

I really need to get that FAQ up and running. I started one, but I really didn't like the format. I feel so helpless when I view my stats for this page, and see people looking for answers to questions they have about their little ones. What kinds of foods do they like, questions about snotty noses, what to do when they aren't eating.. I should also redo my foster kitten webpage.. a lot of the photos are way too big, and the bandwidth is exceeded if you try to view all the images in one go round.. I'm considering getting my own domain and host for that as well. Everyone loves kitten pictures (okay well not everyone, but we just aren't going to go there today)

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