Sunday, September 3, 2006

Dry food

I have come to the conclusion (after much reading of other's research on the matter) that dry food for cats is like McDonald's food for humans. Basically made up of nutrients needed, but doctored in such a way as to make it fast, convenient, and tasty.

I have kept it around the house for treats for the kitties. When I feel the need to gather them all up in one place, I just shake a container or throw a handful down on the ground. They LOVE it.

Even Emerald.. Who totally shouldn't have it as it throws her blood glucose way off. Who also has completely messed up teeth and can't eat it very well.. she ends up chasing it all around the floor or pushing it all off the plate.

Well last night I woke up and went to the bathroom (where her food is being kept since she eats differently from the rest of the crew because she refuses to eat what they eat, and they would eat all of her food before she could finish her first bite) and she was in there looking at me with those big huge "I'm starving and haven't eaten in weeks!" eyes. I didn't feel like going across the house in the middle of the night and finding her food, so I put down a plate full of dry.

You should have seen her try to eat it.. she was SO excited.. but she ended up pushing most of it off the plate trying to get it. she eventually pushed the plate out of the way so she could get to the bits on the other side.

I know it made her BG numbers climb because it ALWAYS makes her bgs climb.. but she actually was satiated this morning. Ate some of her breakfast but not all of it - where she usually licks the plate clean and begs for more.

So now the question becomes, do I give her junk food because she loves it and it makes her full even though it is dangerous for her to have? Not that it is exactly the same, but there are people out there who feed their kids high-fat foods like pure butter because their burning fat helps with whatever physical condition they have (I don't remember off the top of my head, but I remember seeing a number of shows on it many years ago) but I don't even think that is the same.. to me, I only see feeding a diabetic sugar. which is wrong.

then why does this feel like the thing to do??

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  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I think that it is very tempting to go with the dry food because Emerald loves it, but the special diet food is more likely to maintain a better quality of life in the long run... Have you considered science diet dry food? I don't know how they nutritionally compare but my vet told me that they design a type of kibble that is better for the teeth (if the she has any) because the tooth goes through the food to break it up instead of the normal shattering that would occur with regular brand dry food...


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