Tuesday, September 26, 2006

He ate, HE ATE!!

I wanted to let all of you know that Cru made it through the night and is all the better for it.

I got home from work and sat with him and his brothers and sister. His sister is a terror. all play and get up and go. The boys wanted to be fed (they CAN eat, they prefer to be fed) so they sat on my lap with Cru and purred. I did what I could to encourage that, since I know purrs have a healing quality.

After an hour or two, my husband who was doing some work at home, came in to visit. All the kittens ran off of me to him (okay Cru walked) so I got up and got ready for bed.

An hour later, he came into the bedroom and asked if my rabbit could catch what the kittens have. Well, the rabbit lives in a room with a futon. I didn't quite get what he was asking me, but it turned out he wanted to spend the night with the kittens. Since the rabbit is in a cage, I gave him the Ok.(how freakin sweet is this??) I told him he'd have to bring the litter and the food, which he did. He even put up the baby gate in front of the closed door to keep our cats from reaching under the door.

All the attention did Cru really well. He ASKED to be fed, and took 20ccs of food!!! the most I could get in him up to now was 9ccs. I took him to the shelter anyway, and they gave me a stronger antibiotic, zithromax, and I got a bag of fluids, and I took him home. They have seen his condition enough times, and he was perky enough that I was okay with this. I was so okay, I actually left him at home today.

Of course, I am exhausted. Worrying about Cru, and sleeping in an empty bed both took their tolls, but the good news far outweighs it. *knock on wood* Of course, he still needs to get through today.. but I am greatly encouraged.

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