Wednesday, September 20, 2006

kittens and more kittens

I think Gertrude and her kittens are coming to the realization that they won't be around at my house for much longer. Say what you will, but I think cats KNOW things. I will be sad to see them go. Little Willie is growing up into such an elegant little boy. Bug is such a love. They still love to run, so it will be good for them to get into homes.

The babies are... well Bruiser and Teddy are doing well. Eating like horses.. but in front of me ONLY KMR. I put some canned food in Bruiser's mouth, and he loved it, only if I were hand feeding him If it was on a plate it wasn't food. I know he knows how to eat off a plate, I have previously seen him do it, but not now. Naomi and Cruiser don't really want to eat. They also seem much more sedate. Someone is throwing liquid stool, so I have started them all on Albon. The second dose was this morning, so hopefully they'll perk up. They are eating canned food when I am not in the room, as last night and then again this morning the food was mostly gone, and there was quite a bit pushed on the floor. I believe someone, if not all of them are nursing on Bruiser, as his tummy is ALWAYS soaking wet. I am thinking of getting some baby socks, cutting out the toe and covering his little tummy. I have to run to the store tonight anyway, I'll peek on them after work and if it is still all wet I might just do that.

Em.. well Em is still a mystery. There are days where she looks all raggedy and horrible, and days when she looks amazing. I tried cutting her meds for her upset tummy in half, but she vomited that day. *sigh* she looked down this morning, so I tested her sugars, and they weren't bad considering what she is eating. Her weight was up to 11 lbs, 11oz the other day.. up from the lowest of 11 lbs 3 oz. I'm still hoping for 12. She has another vet appointment next week. I'm going to try to get a urine sample... I think I could handle any diagnosis.. it is the not knowing that hurts.

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