Thursday, September 21, 2006

kitten at the office

Last night, Cruiser had completely liquid stool, this morning he didn't want to eat, and was very dehydrated. I took the morning off from work and went into the shelter with him.

They gave him some fluids, gave me some more Albon, and some antibiotics since the other cats that came in with them are sneezing and aren't doing well.

I went home, and tried to settle him back in with his sibs, but the little girl started growling heavily.

I was just so concerned about him anyway, and felt uncomfortable leaving him unattended, so I packed him up, put some litter in a tupperware container, brought some KMR and brought him in to work.

Needless to say no one is getting any work done here :D

I spend so much time around kittens, that while I am not immune to their cuteness, I can resist it and work. The other women in the office, are smitten :)

He was playing on my bosses desk, and looked like he needed a litterbox, so I brought him one. They even thought that was cute.

Unfortunately it was still almost completely liquid. This is not good.

But he is playing and happy, and flirting with the girls.. so I am not going to worry (yeah, right, you believe that??)

I just wish he'd be willing to eat a little more.

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