Sunday, September 24, 2006

Huge news, funny info, and then kittens

First, for the funny info, I am sitting here at my computer. My printer is right to the left of me, and there is usually room for one cat behind it. At the moment it is Ollie, he blends in so well and he likes it there. Eli LOVES it there too, because he LOVES the printer. Honestly, I think it is his best friend. Every time it goes off, he comes running. Well since Ollie is in the "hang out with the printer" spot, Eli is trying to make room for himself in front of the monitor.. but there really isn't enough room - it is freakin adorable, and I wish I had my camera.

For the huge news.. Emerald now weighs over 12 pounds!!!!!!!!!!! Still don't know why this works, and I hate that I am treating symptoms, but if it is working, then I am going to keep doing it. She gets two or three handfuls of dry food, and half a pepcid AC once per day (in her cosequin capsule) I was doing the happy dance, and Em was just sitting on the scale looking at me waiting for dinner. It was cute.

The grey kittens are ready for adoption. Once again I am worried about Kenny. When he has a BM, the stool doesn't fully fall off him till later. Who is going to want to adopt that? *prays that someone does* Maybe someone with a dog who loves kitty poop..

The black kittens are in the trouble zone. Cruiser is still totally congested, and the others are starting to sneeze more. Cruiser weighs 11 oz to Bruiser's 1lb. I went to the shelter yesterday to get him some help. They only gave him more fluids and told me to force feed him, which is what I have been doing. He is so congested, that he acts as if he is drowning when I feed him. I can't stand torturing him. All I wanted was a feeding tube, but they refused. I was also treated as if this was my first sick kitten ever. It was very disturbing to me personally.

I am down to feeding him one drop at a time. it takes forever to get even 1 cc in him, when he should be eating... well his brother is eating 10 or more two or three times a day.

I'm discouraged.

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