Monday, September 18, 2006

Too much to do, too little morning

Ok, so this is my first morning to work with my new resolve to exercise every morning (again), and TWO sets of kittens.

Did I not tell you of my second set? shame on me. I took pictures, they are at home (I am currently at work) I'll share later.

I went to the shelter on Friday to pick up supplies, and was suckered in to taking four little black and black and white kittens. I was told they were eating on their own. They so aren't! They are so cute. they probably weigh 3/4 ths of a pound, and they were hissing and spitting at all the upheaval. just too cute. Once they settled down in the back bathroom they were fine. I introduced them to food, which they did actually eat, but they won't eat on their own, and they need to be 'primed' with formula first. I tried using a bottle. I have never had luck with that. I don't know why. Other people do. So I use a syringe. Fortunately they are using the litter box on their own.

So anyway. I have four kittens that need to be fed. Four kittens and a mom that need food put down for them, a rabbit who needs food, and my exercise, and to get out of the house with my breakfast and lunch. doable? somehow I got it all in.

I got dressed before going to feed the babies. Silly? yes, totally. but with little kitten claws totally necessary. Somehow I got through the feeding of four kittens, one of which who HATES to eat with out getting any formula on myself. I put out more food for them, and reintroduced them to it. *crosses fingers they'll eat*

Went out, fed the rabbit, who gets testy when she runs out of pellets, and lunges at them when I refill. I'd use my hopper to feed her, but then she'd have access to too many pellets and would get fat.

Went down to feed the older set. Now they sit at the door and try to escape when I enter, so when I was in the room, and put food down, and only saw three kittens instead of four, I got concerned that one escaped. None of my own cats came down with me, so I started calling them, cause nothing can find a kitten faster than a cat who doesn't want it loose in the house. Eli came down first, followed by Jack. No concern from either of them, so I went back into the room to look again. It was Bug that was missing. There aren't that many places for her to hide. I went back out, again, no concern from the cats, back in, and realize that she is behind me, but she wasn't. although she was, in the rafters. silly kitten. I was just trying to figure out how to reach her, when she finally jumped down on to the scratching pole, and got down on her own.

So that was my fun morning.

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