Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm so clever

Sometimes I am so clever I scare myself. Now this is probably not the newest idea on the planet, but it came to me, it works, and works amazingly well, and I'm thrilled.

Emerald should be on 3 medications. 1) for her upset stomach 1/4 to 1/2 a pepcid 2) cosequin and 3) a capsule of herbs for her diabetes. Well, she hasn't gotten them in a while because her stomach has been so upset. I feel I really should be giving her the cosequin, since that is obvious that it works, and so is the pepcid. Well, the tiny tablet occasionally gets knocked out of my hand when I am giving it to her, lands on her tongue, so she spits out the wet icky pill that now sticks to anything and is impossible to give. I watched "How it is made" on the discovery channel a couple of days ago, I saw them making capsules (which the cosequin is in). A light bulb went off today, that I could stick the pepcid IN the cosequin, and now I'm down to one pill instead of two. BINGO! it works. I'm thrilled. A bit of advice, though, if you are going to be opening a capsule, pay attention, and don't open it sidewards. I was so thrilled with my new discovery, I was explaining it to my hubby in the other room, and opened the second one the wrong way. D'OH!

The kittens are so freakingly adorable. Every other thought is oh I want to keep this one, oh I want to keep that one.. *rolls eyes* Kenny made a good solid poop and it didn't seem that hard for him to pass *YEA!* Someone has very liquid stools, though. I KNOW mom does, but someone else does too. I got some more albon the other day, so it SHOULD be clearing up soon *crosses fingers*

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