Thursday, March 8, 2007

apparently jack thinks he's a skunk

I'm at home today. Got some family issues going on.. so after I exercised, I decided it was time to do 'day of beauty' for the cats. I had been out of toothpaste, and the new one came in last night. Half of the cats have great teeth, the other half.. BAD!!

Anyway.. Jack has always had extremely loose anal glands. They are two sacks near the anus that secrete the most foul smelling stuff - but apparently is uber good smelling to other cats, cause every time his lets go, there is at least one cat ready to clean it up for him.

It's usually only a couple of drops, not a big deal.

Well, today I bugged him so badly that it shot out of him.. literally. landed on my leg. EWWWW. and yes.. it stinks. Seemed a little thicker than I'm used to for him (usually it's a gel to toothpaste consistency - but Jack's has always been like milk) so it was probably a good thing he got 'cleaned out'. Don't want those things backing up. It's not comfortable. Em has had an issue a couple of times.

Speaking of Em. *sigh* she has snot and blood coming out of one nostril. her BGs are constantly high. I hope it is just the insulin is old.. it is just about done and we have another newer vial.. but I'm sure even that is expired. I don't want to switch because L has been working well for her.. but if it isn't.... then I guess we'll have to.

I fear this newest development with the nose after her nosebleed, and the odd sense that I get when I look at her face that she's no longer symmetrical.

I suppose I should just get over the fear, and get her to the Dr. but I also fear that I'll go and not need to.. I hate wasting money.

Suppose it isn't a waste if it gives me peace of mind. Maybe tomorrow.. Maybe next week. *shrug*

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