Thursday, March 1, 2007

Muffin is such a bad kitty

I need to be more vigilant when making sure Em is in her room alone. All too often I hear noises that imply she's got visitors who are eating her food and using her facilities, and I ignore it. I think that gives the kitties the idea that it's okay to be in there sometimes..

So now I get my lazy butt out of bed, or off the computer whenever I suspect.. Last night it was 1 am. I made stomping noises as I walked out of the bedroom, and before I could even get to the hall, Muffin had bolted from the room and was running for the living room.

She KNOWS I don't want to catch her in there. I don't think she's quite figured out I don't want her in there at all.

Poor Em won't get past 11 lbs. Well, she did once, right after she ate a large dinner. She's stuck at 10 lbs 14 oz.

Bri is molting kinda badly. She looks horrible. She started pretty early this year, as apparently a lot of rabbits did (according to my newsgroup) I so need to clean up her room so I feel comfortable letting her out again. All the baseboards and part of the closet casings are chewed up. Since they have to be replaced anyway.. I should just let her have at it. *sigh* Well the basement should be finished soon, and I'm hoping to have a place for her down there.. something like Tobin's set up, which was a big wooden pen... would give her more room to run around, would let the kitties visit her when they wanted to, and would make it easier for me to keep the area clean. DH isn't thrilled with the idea.. but I'm hoping. We'll see what happens once we get everything set up. Besides, with her in my craft room, I can't do much crafting..

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  1. *hugs* I"m still reading and sending love to Em and the kittens....just have to play catch up. Love you!!!!!


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