Thursday, March 15, 2007

can you stand more Emerald?

I love this cat, I really do. I feel so bad for her because she doesn't have opposable thumbs, so she can't feed herself, and she doesn't have the will to fight off Muffin, so when food is available, Muff usually steals it.*

So she sits there, does that silent meow, looks at me so hopefully.. no guile, no guilt trips, just pure hope that food will follow. I don't know why she tends to think food won't follow, as I give in to her every single time..

She's back down to 10lbs 10 oz. I ALMOST had her back over 11lbs.. *sigh* the incredible shrinking cat.

She has started with a snotty nose. shortly after the bloody nose, she was sneezing from time to time. Last week she started blowing snot bubbles. No other symptoms (that were new anyway) so I let it go for a few days. Then it started caking over her nostril. Called the vet.. put her on antibiotics.. no changes. She has balance problems when she shakes her head, she usually falls over if she's on the bed - which is fortunate because I don't think my heart could stand to watch her fall over on the floor. her BGs are running high.. she's constantly hungry... she's got a snotty nose... she has balance issues.. yes, I think something is wrong. I so should get her into the vet.. maybe Saturday.. I'll wait one more day for this nose thing to clear up..

*speaking of Muffin. I have lamented before how freakin sneaky she is at getting into Em's room (where the 'stinky goodness' is) well for a while there all I had to do was stomp on the floor and she'd go running. The other day she didn't. I had to open the door. I made mean noises, but didn't chase after her - I probably should have, because last night I made stompy noises, no running cat. I opened the door, no running cat. I thought for a second that I was wrong and Em was in her room all by herself but then the door finished opening and Muff was trying to hide behind it Sneaky wench. I scolded her and I didn't see her again till morning when she walked up to me as if to say "Hi mom, did you have a good night?" *rolls eyes*

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