Monday, March 26, 2007

Update on Em

I must not put the cart before the horse.. I MUST NOT PUT THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE..

okay, that said.. I am doing my best not to jump to all the wrong conclusions and make a mess out of myself and my emotions.

Em had a great morning. BG a little on the high side, but nothing out of the current ordinary. She didn't finish all her breakfast, but that's okay too. I purposefully didn't clean her nose last night so the vet could see what's going on, but she cleaned it herself, so it was clear as we went.

she was very quiet on the car ride... such a change from her younger days. This was normal for her now that she's old. She can't be bothered to waste energy complaining like she used to.

I explained the symptoms and said that I thought it was a brain tumor. The vet didn't rule it out..

she was on antibiotics for two weeks ending last Friday - so he decided to culture the stuff in her nose to see if it was just a resistant infection.. that will take about a week.

IF it is a tumor, then she'll steadily get worse, and she'll probably have a few months left. The vet recently had to put his kitty down and she started out with the same symptoms as Em.

Which if you don't remember / don't want to read back are: weight loss - a pound in just a few months, snotty/bloody nose - left nostril only, very hungry (could be thyroid issue not under control), blood sugars all over the place, unsteady on feet on bed when she shakes her head and this morning unsteady on solid floor, and very protective of her left ear.

When the exam was over, she started bleeding out of her right nostril. This scared me. The vet said he didn't do anything that could have caused it - which I knew cause I was right there the whole time. She blew quite a few droplets before it just stopped.

I brought her home, she got anxious on the ride home and wanted out of the carrier, so I let her (I know I know.. I shouldn't have)

So either she's got an infection and she could live a couple more years, or she's got a tumor and she could live a couple more months.

I want to be prepared for the worst, but each time I try to wrap my brain around it, I start crying and mourning her loss.

So for now - till the culture comes back - I am going to live in denial..

when I know more, THEN I'll make plans

See. No cart before the horse..

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