Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thankgoodness for latex gloves

Time to make the cat food...

Man I HATE doing that, but I am glad to have it, and glad to know exactly what is in the food I'm feeding my cats and glad to know there isn't anything in there they don't need (blueberries and spinach anyone??)

I have always been extremely squeamish around raw meat. I won't cook with it unless it has been processed within an inch of not being raw meat anymore - chicken breasts only - with no skin, no veins, no obvious signs that it used to be an animal; or beef cut well enough to have no fat and no grizzle - I was so certain I would not be able to get through the actual making of it, but somehow - with the help of latex gloves - so I don't have to actually touch the meat - I get through it.

Huge thanks to my DH who does the clean up as well. *shudder*

Today I tried something new.. I put a can of salmon in it. I didn't realize the canned salmon came with the backbone and what not.. *shudder* and the smell - oh my goodness. Now I hate seafood to begin with.. but that stuff was just FOUL! (hubby says it wasn't bad - just strong) Hope the cats like it. They like seafood.

They have food for four more weeks.

I'm considering buying a small freezer and making double what I do now. It takes about two hours at this point, with an hour of that is prep of setup and clean up. If I doubled it, it would probably only take three hours.. and it would be so worth it to not have to grind as often.. and to get the food out of my current freezer so we could buy more frozen food :)

Em is not doing well. I was very scared Friday night when I got home from work because she was bordering on lethargic. Hard to tell with Em in general because she's so sedentary, to begin with, but she wasn't looking at us, was just hanging her head and looking sad. Her nose is horrid.. poor thing. I stopped the antibiotics that night as they aren't doing anything. I fear a tumor of some sort - either in her brain or in her sinuses.. I hope I am wrong!! Saturday morning she was back to her 'perky' self, so I didn't rush her to the vet - since I knew they were booked anyway. We have an appointment tomorrow at 9:30 Hopefully all will be well - or at least treatable.

I also fear she's a little dehydrated. *sigh* Poor old girl. She HATES it when I try to clean off her nose. I'm sure she likes to have it clean. I know I hated it when someone else cleaned off my nose when I was a sick kid.

I guess tomorrow we'll know something more - hopefully.


  1. Anonymous7:46 AM

    aren't you glad, though, that you make your own cat food after that pet food poisoning? I was very worried at first, but my cat food wasn't on the list.

    Hope all goes well at Em's appt and you get some answers.

  2. Yup.. commercial pet food scares me. Im hoping that the public outcry fixes the situation, and there is better regulation!! Glad to hear your crew is all well, I was going to ask, but figured you'd tell me if something happened.


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