Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No Melamine here

I am very fortunate that I refuse to feed foods with wheat gluten, or anything manufactured by Iams, Euk, and SD... My cats are currently safe from the melamine recall. I wonder how the shelter is doing relying on donated cans.. since a lot of the brands recalled were store brands.. I emailed and asked, but I haven't heard back.

However, my cats really do enjoy freaking me out. I swear it is their hobby. Emerald had a little blood in her mouth this morning. My subconcious is sitting here planning on how to mourn for her. I so need to stop that cause she is quite a ways away from that. Not nearly as far as I would like, but nothing I think I have to worry about. I'm not happy that she hasn't gotten back over 11 lbs, and she seems to be hungry all the time again, so I called the vet for an appointment. Low and behold they are so busy there isn't room on Saturday!! So we have one for Monday morning.

And on the freaking me out hobby, Muffin had a ripped rear toenail this morning. No idea when she did it. It was all dried up and in pretty good shape - considering. So I just pulled off the debris, and sent her on her way. I then grabbed Jack for his semi daily combing, and found one of his toes was so bad that I couldn't get him to unclench his foot. usually when I play with his back feet, he spreads his toes wide, but he kept it clenched. I couldn't see much of anything, so I got some peroxide and soaked it. I tried to separate out the fur, no go. I tried cutting some of it off.. no go. It doesn't seem to hurt him... as he's not showing any pain as I was proding it, and rubbing his foot. I couldn't help but wonder if he actually broke his toe seeing how tight he was keeping it clenched. I finally let him go, after I got a ton of peroxide on it.. he started licking it at that point, so I'll check it tonight when I get home and see if it looks ok. it wasn't swollen, it didn't hurt him, it was if it just wasn't there

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