Saturday, March 31, 2007

Em and the animal communicator

Well, I have heard a lot of people rave about those who can communicate with animals. I have had several recommendations, and made an appointment with Dawn.

I made very general statements about my cats. She asked for names, age, and coloring. I said I wanted to check in with everyone. I didn't give specific questions till after her first "general impression"

I use quotes for lack of better terminology on my part. Yes, I am/was skeptical. I know cats live in the moment, and don't really dig deep into their past and carry these things around, so I was pretty certain they wouldn't complain that one time I yelled too loud etc.

She said Em thought she was a good cat, and very patient with the other kitties. She said that she sleeps a lot and gets tired easily. That her mouth hurts, and she has been getting sick to her stomach. Em has a good opinion of herself. I asked why she doesn't use the litter box, and the answer was that she didn't like climbing in and didn't like standing in it. Em thinks she is a clean cat. I asked specifically about her health, and beyond that she's tired and her mouth hurts, she didn't complain. I asked about if I should fight aggressively, or if I should let her go when her health declines, and Em was concerned about the quality of life. If she can continue on with the quality of life, then she wants to stay around.

Ollie says everyone is happy here. He's healthy but does have occasional discomfort when urinating. Not at the moment, but when it does happen it is in his urethra and penis. He also mentioned he likes his food - qualified to the dry food which I feed as treats.

Jack said he loves me a lot. He immediately asked if he could go outside because he likes the birds - even though he said he knew the answer was going to be no. Then he asked if I would play with him more alone. (I have noticed that previously - if I try to play with him, others join in and he gives up and leaves) She commented he was very loving. I asked about his health due to the fact he had blocked before - and Jack said it was because he was stressed at the time. I am going to have to read back in this blog and find out what was going on at the time to see if I can figure out what might have been stressing him.

Muffin. Immediately said she's jealous of Tweedle. Muff thinks Twee is "super cute, innocent and joyful" Likes Twee in general, but not of the attention she gets from me. Muff said she'd like extra love and complements and also would like to play with toys with me alone. Also, she would like more treats.

Eli... She laughed when she talked to Eli. Eli didn't know what to say and asked for specific questions. I asked about his health, and he said he was fine. I asked about how he feels about my cleaning his ears and eyes. He said it hurt, but was appreciative, that it helps him a lot and that I was very careful when I did it. - we then moved on to Tweedle. While we were talking about Twee... Eli came in the room and pawed at the phone cord, so I asked to check in with him to see if there was something else and was told he thought all of this was very "strange"

Tweedle. She said Twee talks as if she is 9 months old. She knows she is the baby. She loves other cats and wants to cuddle with them more. She feels she has to force other kitties to spend time with her.

and that was pretty much it. They are very happy and content. Dawn commented that she thought what we had was unique for a six cat household.. that there usually are more issues.
I was a little surprised that Ollie wasn't more grumpy about things - but thinking about it, he has been happier lately.. I still call him my grumpy ol' man, but maybe I need to reconsider that. I'm a little surprised that no one complained about the restrictions I put on them.. like getting in Em's room. The jealousy I knew about and was amused that it was the first thing Muff said. I was amazed that she said that Twee talks like she's 9 months. I've always said that Twee is my "down syndrome" kitty. Sweet as pie, but developmentally behind.

Now for the Em update.

Monday she went to the vet. Tuesday wasn't a good day. She was tired and listless. Wednesday she was a little more alert, and her nose wasn't as bad - till I saw where she slept all day, as it was covered in what ever is draining out of her nose. Thursday her nose was bad again, but she was downright perky.. Friday the same. Today after the reading I took her outside. She's been making motions that she really wanted to, so today I let her. She walked around the house, marking every corner. She went and investigated the neighbor's little trees that line our property line. When she used to go outside, she used to just go out and sit under the bushes, but there are no bushes here, so it looked like she was checking out the trees to see if she could hide under them. She tried to get to the brush at the edge of our property, but I wouldn't let her because there would be no catching her in there. She continued to walk around the house and climbed up the rocks on one corner. I didn't think she could make it as she's old etc, but she jumped right up there. She found several things in the ground very interesting to smell and spent some time sniffing it. She then walked back up on the porch, and with a little encouragement, she went into the house. She really seemed perky and as if she was having a lot of fun, so I'll probably do that tomorrow. Might even try putting a harness on Jack and see if he wants to go too. I don't mind letting Em go, because she can't or won't really run, but I couldn't trust that I would be able to catch Jack if something freaked him out and he decided to bolt.

Summery - Em is pretty much the same, enjoying life, food and a good cuddle. If she's dying, she isn't doing it anytime soon. See. I absolutely should not put the cart before the horse, but it is so hard. It took until Thursday till I could drive in the car and not be close to tears about losing her, no matter how many times I told myself it wasn't happening yet. The test results aren't in yet, so we still have a few more hurdles to get through.

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  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    You know, I've always been very skeptical about animal communicators, but it sounds like she really did understand your cats, and she certainly gave you some peace of mind. I'm glad. And I'm glad Em seems to be doing ok for now.


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