Thursday, March 22, 2007

See.. I told you

Em is fine. She needs to put on weight, and I wish she'd feel full, but there was no more blood (well ok there was blood on her nose) and she was fine (if you don't count the bloody snotty nose)

Muffin's toe looked great this afternoon. it's weird, it has the top structure - like the sides were ripped away. Jack's looks very similar. I swear those two like to be 'trouble twins' If I didn't know better, I would say they were siblings. Everything one of them does, so does the other. I peeked at Jack's toe last night. Was able to pull off more fur to get a better look. looks a tad bit swollen.. or maybe just red.. he seemed uncomfortable with my picking too much fur out of it, so when I got a good look at it, I just put some more peroxide on it and he went on his way. he wasn't clenching it anymore either.. So I'm calling it good.

A while back, I found a kitty on the side of the road near a house that I know not to have cats. I picked him up, brought him home, and went in search of his owner. I found her quite a ways away from where I found him. He wasn't hurt.. just on the side of a busy road and aways from home. Well, it looks like he likes it at my house. I've seen kitty footprints outside my house over the winter, and this morning he was on the porch looking in the window. Now this cat was in my car and was driven to the house, then went into his owners car and was driven away.. Got to love the mystery of cats. I wouldn't mind his visits if it wasn't a fairly busy and winding road he was crossing. I fear for his safety. Not much I can do.. if the owners won't keep him in..

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