Saturday, May 24, 2008

medical issues and a new addition

Well after a week of medicating Dovey, her mouth still looks pretty nasty, so I took her into the shelter this morning to be felv/fiv combo tested. Thankfully she came back negative for both, but that doesn't explain why her gums are all inflamed and why the antibiotic didn't help.

I decided to stop giving it, because it is abosolutely ruining her quality of life. Every time I walk into the kitten room she hisses and hides. Its quite sad.

While I was at the shelter, one of the staff members asked what I had for fosters. Reason being she had an only kitten who was being a pain. Pooping on the bath mats, and suffering from only kitten syndrome. so I said I would take her.

so she showed up.. and immediately started eating the food off the floor, so I put her in front of a bowl of wet food, and she chowed down. the kittens interest her, but the moms kinda scare her. they on the other hand are fine and quite interested in her, which is nice. I was a little fearful they would be unaccepting of the new one.

So I'm sitting down here in the kitten room for a while. Annoying thing is I just cleaned up down here, and some how misplaced the remote for the tv (and heaven forbid I actually get up and touch the TV) so I'm stuck watching what ever channel came up. appears to be TNT, and is some movie I'm sure I've seen ages and ages ago, but I don't recognize it. DH is out mowing the lawn making a lot of noise. Fortunately the kitties really just don't care.

Ok.. I'm seriously in need of some names..

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