Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm over run with kittens!! they have ALL escaped, none of them are going back in the cage, and they were ALL piled up against the door this morning.. so I need to clean the kitten room, but with 10 cats running around it, it isn't going to be easy!


Ok, who's brilliant idea was it to take two pregnant cats??

Dovie is scared of me and is hissing at me now. I'm kinda concerned about her. I need to spend some time with her, but I'm not exactly sure when that is going to happen. should probably get someone to look at those teeth too! those can not be comfortable..

One of the kits used the litter box I put in the cage.. so that is progressing nicely. however I forgot the stage where little paws go into EVERYTHING.. they are all litter coated.. *sigh* looks like baths might be in their futures!

Hopefully the kits will get braver, and stop looking at me like I'm the enemy. They are starting to play, so when I become a big kitty gym, I'm sure they'll get over that unease real fast :)

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