Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dovey and the kits

I think the new medicine is helping Dovie. I went in Friday morning and told the staff what her issues were, and I got some new liquid anitbiotics. Because I can inject it into her mouth in a place that isn't as inflammed, it is easier to give to her, and she's not as scared of me. But she's still leary of me, and quickly runs and hides when I'm around or moving. Fortunately she's very into protecting the kittens, so she is quick to come back and be with them.

Amusingly enough I had one of the black and white girls on my lap the other night, and the kitten didn't want anything to do with me, so she kept crying out. Dovie came over and looked up from the ground matching the kitten's meow with her own grunt/cry. she was bothered, but not distressed...

I've never had kittens that were so reluctant to be with humans. Its very bizarre.

Several of the kittens are ready to eat solid foods, but they just don't get the concept. One was chewing on the bowl the food was in instead of the food. Quite agressively too. I offered the kits some wet food on my fingers. That went well.. only problem though is now they are licking and biting me even when I haven't been touching food. Although last night the smaller of the two black and white kittens was eating wet food out of a food bowl all on her own.

what ever issue dovie had earlier - the goopie eye and the nasal discharge - escaped from the kitten room. Tweedle was blowing snot bubbles and had mucus in her eye, and Jack had a goopy eye as well.

I saw a few kittens at the shelter yesterday I wanted to kitten-nap and take home. One was a five week old kit that was a part of a group that was smaller than my kits. They were fluffy, but all bones. another was an orphan that was a fluffy tiger kitten, five weeks old maybe, but had the lightest blue eyes I'd seen on a kitten. He was stunningly pretty. I keep wanting to add to my household.. but I do honestly know better. Six is enough..

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