Tuesday, May 20, 2008

three out of five steps isn't bad :)

there are quite a few steps involved in using a litter box.

you have to acknowledge that you have to go
you have to walk over to the box
you have to get in the box
you have to produce what ever it was that sent you over to the box
you have to finish producing it.


well one of the kittens came over to the boxes (step one and two) that I was scooping out last night.. she sat down in front of them, looking at the ground like she was expecting something to happen. I finished scooping out the box, and she was still looking at the ground.. so I put her in the box (missed step three) and she started digging, and then you could see her visibly tense up(step four). well after a moment, she was done, but uncomfortable.. she was trying to figure out what was going on, and so was I.. so I picked her up, and saw a rather large poopie still sticking out rather prouncely from her anus.. meaning she pushed it out, but didn't get the concept of squeezing it off.. (missed step five)

Of course I'm on the wrong side of the room from the paper towels.. so I have no idea how to help her. I wasn't going to pick it off. I tried to help, and felt absolutely useless.. after a moment it fell off.. which was a good thing. I was about to get up and get a towel.. but she saved me the trip.

We have several eating out of the bowls now. I'm going to have to get more bowls here soon. Most of the kittens are now interacting with me, climbing up on my lap, being cute. Work is lucky I come in at all.. :)

speaking of which.. it is kitten field trip on Friday.. they'll come in with me for a little bit. Kittens need to get out of the house while they are young to help round out their socialization.. Never had eight kittens here at once.. should be interesting!

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