Saturday, May 31, 2008

where did the kitten get steroids??

Well it has been six weeks. So today was the day they got their first deworming. It is always amusing to see the reactions of kittens to the deworming meds. Some just took it, some reacted, and some reacted violently. Just too funny.

Since so many of them look so much a like I decided to put them in the cage and pull one out at a time. One of the boys felt a little big, so I decided to weigh them to see. Most of the kittens weighed out at 1lb 5oz.. but one of the boys is up to 1lb 12 oz!! I asked him where he got the steroids, and he just looked at me like "So what are steroids?? and how do I get them?" it was just a cute look.

Lovie reacted badly to the deworming as well. Kinda hurt when she clipped me with her back paw, but she didn't break skin. Dovey has resigned herself to getting meds. I peeked at her teeth, and things seem to be progressing and are bright pink instead of red. She's also missing the small teeth between her lower canines. I am kinda hoping that she's realized that the meds are helping.

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