Monday, May 12, 2008


Saturday I went and got meds for Dovie. she's congested and has a goopy eye. got doxy and tri-optic ointment. She was NOT thrilled to get either on Sat. (which reminds me I NEED to clip her nails!) well some time after that someone vomited.

Gave her more meds on Sunday.. more vomit.. I'm seeing a trend.

I weighed her. 6lbs 10 oz. she isn't losing.. but her coat seemed off, and she seemed skittish, and frankly she drank WAY too much water. she drank 1/4 off the dish before I interupted her. got to 1/3 before I interupted her again, and it was 1/2 gone by the time I went up for the night last night. If she has vomited again I'm going to let the shelter know she needs to see a vet.. cause this water drinking seriously concerns me.

Kittens are starting with teeth buds. only one of the little boys is interested in escaping, but he has no idea how to get back in. someone is pooping on their own, and I'll need to find a small litter box to put in the cage with them..

I've vowed not to rush these kittens. I'm going to let them figure out how to get out of the nest, how to eat, etc.. but it's hard, they are so boring in the cage all the time!!

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