Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well we have all but the boys named at this point. Ivy (calico), Apple (smaller B&W), Azlea (Larger B&W), Fern(tabby), Peony (Soft black), and Dandelion (the solid black girl).

One of the boys has a smokey undercoat on his chest, he's also obnoxiously friendly. I think he's different from the other two, but it is so hard to tell. :)

Dovey's trip to the vet was eventful. They think she has stomatitis, and a urinary tract infection. So she needs to be on pred and baytril. *rolls eyes* this is going to be fun. It was suggested I isolate her and give her a small plate of food.. HA HA HA.. when i walk into the room she hisses at me and hides under the couch.. This morning was interesting, because she sat just out of reach.. I fed the kittens, and then gave her a plate of food. so maybe that would work. Bring in a smaller plate of food for her, feed the kits, then give her the food.. HOPEFULLY that will work. I mean I can grab her and pill her, but I would like to have some modicum of trust with her. Stomatitis is not a bad diagnosis, but a chronic one. Don't know who is going to want to adopt that (other than a shelter worker) *sigh* Means she's probably going to be in the system for a while :( Hopefully I'm wrong, but I really shouldn't worry about that until we get there. One step at a time.

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