Monday, May 26, 2008


Dovey's bad teeth (she's going to the vet on Wednesday)

I just love this pict, no idea who it is.

I'm thinking I'm going to name them all after plants. Started with Fern. The little soft one I love I'm going to call Peoney, the little round headed B&W I'm going to call Apple. and the calico is going to be Ivy

When I fed them this morning they were all clamouring at my feet, chewing on my ankles, playing with my pant legs, it was so cute.. :)

it is really sweet, but nine kittens is just too much. I can't get to know them, I'm sure some of them are being left out on the attention department.. If I were unemployeed it would be ok, I could spend several hours a day, but I can't.

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