Saturday, May 24, 2008

kittens at work

I brought the kittens to work on Friday. Was quite an intesting event. Most of them went into a corner and hid there, hissing and being quite scared. the calico was outgoing wanted to visit though. The fluffy black one who loves me was loving on me, along with one of the black triplets.

Finally got them all out and about, and I took four to my desk while my boss kept four on hers. they all just found a quite corner and took a nap.

My four eventually found their way onto my lap, which was really sweet, only problem is I have a two kitten lap, so if they tried to readjust, one of them would fall almost fall off. I had to keep catching kittens.

I have some great photos, unfortunately my camera once again went off the deep end. I just got it back after having to send it in to be worked on, so I am NOT happy. I don't know how to get the photos off the camera with out the usb cable working through the camera. I guess I would need a card reader... *sigh* Guess it is back to the old one again..

they came back from their trip, got used to being at home again, and became quite outgoing little kittens. its amazing what a trip out then a return to a secure environment will do!

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