Friday, June 6, 2008

Kitten's first nail trim

Kitten nails are horrid. They are like little needles.. and when they hit about five weeks of age, they realize they can use them to climb things. For a while now I knew I needed to get them trimmed, but they were doing so well and not hurting me that I wasn't worried about it. Well over the past couple of days I've walked out of the kitten room bleeding, so last night I went down with nail trimmers.

Usually kittens freak at being held down and having something done to them. They get through the first paw ok, but then start squirming and making the second paw very difficult. I have to say though, this crew wasn't bad at all. There were a few that were squirmy.. but I was able to get through it rather quickly.

But once again I put them all in the cage to ensure everyone got done. Well caging does not go over well. Dovey came over to try to comfort kittens.. I got knicked a few times by kittens reaching through the bars to remind me they were locked up.

This morning I went to feed them, and I left with all the blood I went in with.. it was so nice!

A few of the kits have liquid stool. I am going to have to do something about it.not sure what the issue is, as they all used to have firm stool, and half of them still do. I wonder if the half that have issues are nursing on Dovey, and are getting the antibiotics and pred.. *shrug* not sure. Will need to talk to the staff and see what they recommend.

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