Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bear is taking a long time to adjust

Well poor Bear is still very uncomfortable at the house. I had to pull him out from behind the computer desk again. so I pushed the desk in such a way that he can't get himself back there, so tonight he was shoved inside the recliner. I feel so bad. He's so nervous he shakes. what's worse is he has quite a few mats, so I'm trying to relieve him of that, and he's not liking that either. He's not to bad to pill, but have I mentioned his size yet?

This cat laying down is as long as an average cat carrier. not stretched out, simply laying down. His head is almost twice the size of Jack's head. he is maine coon to the EXTREME. His fangs are quite impressive. He's really a big ol sweet heart of a cat - or maybe he's just too nervous to act out, but when I pill him he just lets me. although I certainly would NOt want to get my fingers caught in that mouth - OUCH!

I thought a feild trip might help him out. so we have brought him out into the new sun room. He slinked under the table, then realized all of my kitties were looking at him, so he looked out at them.

He seems interested in the other kitties, but he also started to visibly shake again. I can only imagine what these past few weeks have been like for him. He was in a home, and then started feeling ill, so he was disposessed of his home, sent to a shelter, back and forth to the vets, then a bath, then this.. it is apparently all just too much for him. He's now currently hiding out behind my chair.

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