Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hey Mom, it's your Birthday!

So let me FINALLY come out of my shell, and POUND on the door and scream at you all night long..

OMG Bear was a total PITA last night.. he finally decided he wants out of his room - he must be feeling better - so he was pounding on the door and meowing. Fortunately his meow isn't that loud, and I FINALLY wised up and stuck a shirt in the door to make it tighter so it wouldn't bang against the frame. But twice in the night I got up and opened the door to see what his issue was. The first time he poked his head out then very cautiously walked down the hall. Ended up in the bathroom where we feed our cats. He was walking low to the ground, so he was still a little unsure of himself. He ran into my cats, started hissing, so I put him back. an hour later he started pounding again, so I opened up the door and this time he went very quickly in the other direction. I didn't want him to go into the room where I keep my rabbit, so I shut that door on him. He went and explored the back bathroom, then went back to the original bathroom. My cats hissed first this time, but he didn't slack off in that department, and after my last experience with Dovey I was a little reluctant to let them 'work it out' so I grabbed him and put him back, and in another hour he was pounding again - which is when I stuck the shirt in the door. He kept at it for a while, but it wasn't enough to really get to me. I had also gone in to visit him, and he was all up in my lap, licking me, and head butting me. OMG I could easily fall in love with this cat..

Speaking of Dovey, she went back to the shelter today. I felt so bad, but it needed to be done. Friday I took the kittens in to work... no wait, let me digress a little further. Kit has wanted to play with kittens since the last set went back, but I really didn't want to let the kittens out in the house, so I put her in the kitten room. Lovey didn't care but Dovey went off the deep end. Actually attacked Kit. Fortunately I was very quick to break them up, but she was quite upset for a while afterwards.

So I took the kittens to work on Friday, giving Lovey and Dovey some time alone. The kittens were very reluctant out and about, and overly concerned. Fern was fine and quite the little show off, but the rest would have rather gone home. So sad. they are going to have such a hard time with adoption.. *shrug* they'll get over it.

When I brought them home, Dovey once again went off the deep end. Growling and hissing and spitting at the kits. I tried to corral her to try to calm her down, but my attempts only sent her further off into la la land. I was actually afraid of her. I finally got her, and locked her up in the cage. I called the shelter to see if I could bring her in, and they said I could, but I then thought a little better of it and thought I'd let her calm down a bit. After an hour or so she was eating treats out of my hand, but overly concerned and growling when I showed her a kitten of either her litter or Lovey's. I took all of the kits weights and emailed the shelter asking to bring some of them back, and told them how Dovey was done being a mom. They told me to bring her back right away, and I have Huckleberry, Bilberry and Azalea scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. I am not a fan of doing this, splitting up groups, but I am getting horribly overwhelmed with them all and Bear.

Dovey did not take well to the shelter. I was able to capture her pretty easily but not with out some torbi-tude. When I got there, she was shedding up the wazoo, and her eyes were as big as saucers. I gave her some food and tried to comfort her, but then again she was never my biggest fan.

I checked up on Licorice while I was there. He's still there. very mellow boy. However he's either got a food allergy or ear mites pretty badly. His ears were a MESS and he was tearing them up as well as the back of his head. I know that it is hard with so many cats, but you'd think they'd take a short amount of time and touch each one each day or two.. Yes, I'm ranting, I just feel bad for him.

ok so I feel bad for all of them, but some adjust to shelter life better than others. It is a crying shame there aren't homes for all of them.

what really got me thought was a pair of kittens they had in the manager's office. OMG they were so full of personality that I was drawn to them before I even knew they were there! So brighht eyed and social. the one (they were both black and white) that I saw first had six toes on each back foot. The other bit is that he had one foot all bandaged up, and the other was bent inward at a 45 degree angle. The other had both front feet bandaged up. I will admit they looked a little pathetic, but I didn't feel sorry for either one of them. They were just so happy and wanted attention. I wanted so badly to take them home, but I'm stretched pretty thinly at this point that I didn't think it was fair to anyone. but I so totally want!!

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