Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome Back Bear

ugh! he's back (ok I don't mind at all)(well mostly)

I thought he was doing so well, and with my BG reading of 81, I thought they would want to take him and put him on the adoption floor.. no such luck.

He had a BG of 245 at the vet.. they were impressed, but I'm not. Although if he has stress issues, and releases glucose that would make sense. maybe I should keep him for two weeks and then ask them to do a fructosimine (man I wish I could spell) on him to show his BGs over the past two weeks..

I brought him home last night. I put the carrier down while I checked the answering machine, and my kitties investigated. Since there was no hissing involved, I thought I'd let him out for a little exploration. Well he slinked around for a bit, and waited till my back was turned and took off. could not find him ANYWHERE..

now if you remember, my husband's aunt's cat did this while staying at my house. I swear there is some invisible sign that is visible to visiting kitties that says "HIDE HERE!!"

Searched and searched and called out and searched some more.. no Bear. My own kitties followed me around and laughed at me. Finally I gave up and went to bed. I knew he had access to food (although it was my own cat's food) and litter (again, my own cat's litter box) so I figured nothing bad could happen..

At 1 am I heard some growling. It woke me up - as it always does - and I figured it might be the elusive Bear trying to get into bed.. but no Bear. I get up, and find Bear laying at the end of the hallway all sweet and innocent. I scoop him up and throw him in his room, where he proceeds to pound on the door for the next two hours!!

when picking up Bear, I visited with Huck, Bil and Zale. They were quite groggy. Lovey was very awake, and wanted OUT of her cage. The kits just wanted to crawl up on my lap and go to sleep.. talk about your guilt trips. I felt bad, but it needed to be done. Must say taking care of six kittens is WAY easier than 11! or even 10. Although they were quite frantic for food this morning.. don't know why, they got more than they usually do (I feed one large 13 oz can have for both 11 and 6) the kits were much more me orientated than they had been before. Previously they were too busy playing with one another.. this morning they were ALL over me.. made me giggle.

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