Monday, June 16, 2008


I think I see a smudge of progress with bear. He kinda ate some of the food I gave him last night (FF Salmon) and when I went back into his room to get something, he was out and about, and just hunkered down. I got to pat him.

I had to pull him out this morning to give him his pill. I shoved it in his food yesterday.. but since he isn't eating all of it, I need to make sure he's getting it for certain once in a while. I gave him some of Emerald's Innova Evo canned food, and he seemed to like that. He's a really big kitty, he should be eating a LOT more than he is. I'm starting to get very concerned.

I remembered this morning I have some feliway dispensers in the kitten room, I'll bring one out and see if that helps him.

The hiding I can deal with, the avoiding I can deal with. It is his being so nervous he shakes that breaks my heart.

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