Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Break through!!!

This morning I went to pill Bear, and then cuddled him a bit. I told him that I was sorry for all he was going through, and that I wanted him to feel comfortable here. I also apologized for what I was going to do tonight, which was pill him, trim his nails, test his blood sugars and give him some rescue remedy.

When I went to pill him tonight I moved the chair, and instead of having to tip the chair over and physically remove him from it, he actually came out!! on his own!!!

This is HUGE!!!

I gave him some more antibiotics, a bit of RR, and a pill to help stimulate his appetite. I forgot to test his blood sugars, I'll try to do that tomorrow.

And then just now he sat at the door and cried out. I opened the door and he looked around, but then saw Muffin and hissed and went back into the office and sat under the desk. I tried offering him treats, but he wasn't into it.

I'm so freakingly impressed!! This really is huge for me... well and for him! now if only we could get him to stop hissing at the kids, we'd have a nice happy house hold. I'd love to bring him to bed with me for some good cuddling.

Since I pulled out the nail trimmer, I decided it was time to do the kittens too - since someone caught me on the neck last night. They don't mind getting their nails trimmed, but they really hate being locked up in the cage.

They much prefer to be free! only problem is they need to be in a cage to find a new home in a couple of weeks. I'm sure they'll be better when they are at the shelter..

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