Monday, June 2, 2008

oh the cuteness!!

I decided to name the boys Blueberry, Huckleberry and Bilberry - all three names for practically the same fruit.. and it works with the plant theme I have going on there :)

I rarely name with themes.. I did it with the Muppet crew a couple of years ago - but those names totally fit the personalities of the kits. Kermit was the peace maker, Miss Piggy was all about her, Gonzo was a laugh riot, and Fozzy was fuzzy and liked to be cuddled.. (ok so then there was Peanut, but I never believed he'd live)

The kits are such a re-affermation of life. It is amazing sometimes. I mean I have nine kittens... five of which look exactly alike from more than three feet away, but they are all so individual and unique. Ok granted, they are kittens, so they like to play, climb and eat.. again, all looking the same from three feet away, but you sit down with them, and you are immediatly struck with how Dandelion loves to get up and lick you.. how Blueberry just wants the back of his head patted. How Bilberry just will let you hold him belly side up and just hangs out totally trusting. How Azeala is so reserved and sits back, and how Apple is on fast foward ALL THE TIME! that girl has no idea what she is doing half the time, she's just on GO!!

They recently started getting up on the window seat. These little kits LOVE sun beams.. they just drink it in and totally enjoy the warmth. Up there I have stored the carriers. One of them I took the door off of, incase the moms wanted to hide in it to give birth. well the kits are now sleeping in it.

They are eating a large 13 oz can of food twice per day. They have access to dry food, which I don't know if the kits realize is food or not. Lovey and Dovey partake of it. I have a lot of 3 oz cans as well (for some reason the shelter likes to save those for fosters.. I think they are just a pain, cause I have to feed so many) and I opened up 8 of those, all the same flavor - Nutro Kitten. They weren't that thrilled with it, so by dinner time there was quite a bit left, so I opened up a couple of canned of something fishy, and put a small amount of it on each of the left over plates, and they were clean come morning :) We are still going through a LOT of water, but I'm not getting the huge pee piles that I used to, so I think Dovey's UTI is doing better.

Last night I was trying to medicate Dovey and give the kits attention, when I remembered once again how easy it is to give back kittens. Granted, there is usually one or two that worm their way into your heart and beg not to leave, but when you have nine little kittens biting your toes and scaling your leg, and you know they have at least another month with you, you are so ready for them to find new homes!! Heck with four I'm often ready for them to go before they are ready to go back.. I can't imagine I'm going to have any hair left in my head come the end of June :)

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