Monday, June 9, 2008

behold the power of steak!

We had steak yesterday, and we had a few left over pieces, so I took them to the kitten room to give the moms a treat.

It was SO FUNNY!! the kittens really didn't understand, but they wanted to investigate. Lovely got a small piece, then went to get the bigger piece, but there were kittens all around it, so she very subtly stuck her nose in there, and slowly pulled it away from them.

Dovey.. I almost fell down from laughing. She grabbed her piece, and tried to find a quite place to eat it.. but in one 12x12ish room with nine kittens there really is no place that they can't get to, so she just sat on the floor holding the steak in her mouth and growled. She kept looking left and right as if trying to decide where would be a good place, and growled when anything moved in the room - which again with nine kittens was pretty much constantly. I finally left her sitting there growling.. I felt a little bad, but I knew if I tried to intervine, there would be no good solution. If I pulled the kittens away, she'd want to save them, and if I tried to rescue her to a safe place she'd just run.. I'm sure she got to eat her steak though..

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