Friday, May 22, 2009

My Midnight Paramour

Jack, the kitty of my heart, the boy I love with whom I feel a special affection to (no, I won't ever admit to a favorite) changed into a distant boy as he got older. As a kitten there was no separating him from me. but now with the addition of so many other cats, and Muffin's insatiable need to be worshipped and loved, he has resigned himself to sitting across the room and watching me. I have tried to get him back, but he just never seemed interested.

Well for the past few nights, he's been waking me up in the middle of the night to cuddle. I can not refuse him.

Last night was slightly different though. Dh and I were laying sleeping face to face. It was quite warm, so each one of us had thrown the blankets off and in toward the middle of the bed. Jack walked up in between us, and started sniffing me. I patted him (thinking up until I actually touched him that it was Ollie, who often makes that exact same walk and DEMANDS to be patted) and then reached out to rest my hand on my dh's. Well Jack reached out with his paw and patted my hand. Several times. He then sniffed my nose, and then reached out and licked my lips! Now I don't mind being licked by my cats, but I've never been a fan of being licked on my lips. I reached up and pushed him away a bit, and patted him some more. He again reached out for my hand, and then after licked my lips again.

This very much had the feel of a lover. Maybe I'm reading way too much into this, but it was just a little odd to me.

I will admit I was thrilled Jack wanted to hang out with me, but the licking of the lips deliberately three plus times *shudder* not to mention he'll only hang out with me in the middle of the night. He's an odd little boy. But I love him so.

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