Saturday, May 2, 2009

A cacophony of complaints

Vet day today. Yes, once again I am foolish enough to think I should take all of my cats to the vet at once. But yet again I'm glad to know I can evacuate the house in under half an hour if necessary.

I closed the bedroom doors, and threw some dry food on the floor down the hall. They 'fell for it' and went down the hall to chow down.

Eli has to be first. If he even thinks there is a trap set for him, he is off and running and then hiding very well. He saw me coming down the hall and realized what was going on. He tried to make a break for it, but I knew it was going to happen and I zigged when he zagged and into the carrier he went. The rest of my cats are happy enough chewing on dry food to not notice their ranks are being thinned out.

so then they were all in carriers. Playing Tetris, we got them all into the truck and we were off. We were surprisingly early. Ok not really surprising as I was early last time I took them all to the vet. I like to leave plenty of time. They all complained the whole way down and DH said they sounde much like a symphony does right before a preformance.

we got to the vet, and unloaded. Got into the appointment, and the cats preformed well. Tweedle surprisingly came out with a mouth like a sailor. Oh she swore up a storm. I don't think she quite understood why she was hissing and growling, but she wouldn't stop. she took comfort in the cuddling and the cooing, but the hissing still continued.

We did rabies only. It had only been two years since their distemper, and since the new recommendation is three years, I'm going with at least that. I've decided to stop giving Ollie vaccines. Because that growth was much where the vaccines are given, and he's 10 now.. better safe than sorry.

so an hour and a half later, we packed them all up, paid the $340 fee and came home.

Kit did not enjoy the ride home. she ended up salavating all over the place.

But they are home, and they are healthy and "unremarkable" medically. I knew this prior, but it good to know.

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