Monday, May 11, 2009

I shall call her... "Mini Me"

Ok, I'm kinda getting freaked out by Muffin and Fleurp's relationship. Fleurp is showing so many of the characterizations of Muffin it is really starting to show. Fleurp is showing Muffin's devotion to me. They walk around visiting the same things together. Muffin does not mind in the least when Fleurp follows her around (but when Twee does it it is *JUST WRONG!!*)

Muffin, who has always been very much her own kitty, and who wouldn't mind if all other kitties disappeared off the face of the planet (except maybe Jack who helps her beg for treats) so she can be worshiped and have the people's undivided attention, actually doesn't mind spending time with Fleurp.

and surprisingly things have always seemed to just work out when it comes to curling up on my chest and getting attention. Muffin has always loved crawling up on my chest or under my arm and hanging out with me. She gets jealous and reacts violently when others come near during her "mommy time" - hissing and lashing out. Either Fleurp knows better than to invade this space, or luck or fate or who knows, but Muffin has never done that to Fleurp. Fleurp has raised Muffin's ire when she gets a little too rambunctious, prancing on the bed wanting to "play" and Muffin isn't in the mood, but Fleurp was quick to figure out if Muff doesn't want it, it doesn't happen (unlike Twee who continually asks, much like a child in a car ride asking "are we there yet")

While I wouldn't quite go so far as to call them Best Buds, I never thought Muff would develop a feline bond, and this still amazes me.

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