Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No no, the OTHER hand

Well Mac is eating food but only if I hand feed it to him. I have been able to trick him in to eating off a spoon, but once he figures it out it is no longer food, and he screams. And that boy SCREAMS!! He's worse than Twee ever was in regards to eating, and he's only three weeks old!! Seriously! he shouldn't even be eating at this point. Ok, so they are coming up on four weeks, but still!

I wasn't going to feed him last night, but the screaming just got to me. So I picked up a little food in my left hand and offered it to him, and he summarily rejected it. Apparently the left hand smells different from the right hand, because the moment I transfered it to the right hand it was acceptable to eat, and he ate.

the other oddity about him is he can only seem to eat about three mouthfuls at a time. He noms and then walks away, then two heart beats later he's screaming for more food. Man I can't wait for that lightbulb moment to come on and he can feed himself.

I don't know who is worse though, him for demanding it, or me for giving in.

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