Friday, May 1, 2009


I mean come on, doesn't this image just scream contentment :)

I decided on names last night. The petite boy is going to be Pistachio. The girl, Hazelnut. The gray boy is Macadamia, the boy with the white feet is Cashew and the other boy is Almond. Yup, they are a bunch of nuts. I've decided to call the mom cat Sun. I tested her this morning, by reaching around to the side of the cage where she was hanging out. She immediately tensed up. I know if I am going to save her I am going to have to push this, but I'm scared to. I was even frightened to take the bed out of the cage. The irrational part of me is fearful of what she might do to the kittens. Might she kill them out of her own fear of wanting to keep them safe??? probably not, but part of me thinks that. Until the kits are old enough to eat on their own I'm not going to push myself on her.

Will pushing myself on her work? Maybe given enough time and her inclination and past history. *shrug* It is sad all around. I doubt she'll ever make it to be a lap kitty.

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