Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jack's entry in the Caster Mother's Day Contest

I would nom-inate my nom I mean Mom, because she does give me yummy food, and take care of me and my brothers and sisters (even the ones I don't like) but I am not gonna do it.



I remember when it was just me and Ollie and Emmy. We were a nice little family, and there was plenty of noms to go around, and treats were plentiful and there was always a spare lap. But then she brought home another set of kittens to "foster" (yea.. that just means she's testing them out to see who she's gonna keep!) and she ended up keeping Muffin and Eli!! Ok, so five isn't so bad. There was plenty of room, and plenty of food, but there were more competition for the treats!

Em got sick with the diabetes, and mom took care of her for years before she died of cancer. I miss her, but there were special treats for me, I did like that.

But she also kept Tweedle, and Kit and now this newcomer Fleurp is obnoxious! and to top it all off there are even more cats coming and going. It is so frustrating to me when she makes a yummy smelling treat and then brings it to those baby kitties and she won't give me any!!!

I shouldn't complain, I get yummy food and very yummy treats, but the competition for the treats is fierce now. I have to make sure I eat fast or Fleurp will come steal it! and sometimes when I go to get my ears scritched there will already be a cat or two on Mom and I *ugh* have to wait my turn!

Ok Ok, I like my brothers and sisters, but why can't it be all about the Jack!!

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