Monday, May 11, 2009

When five cats becomes 14

When I go and feed and play with the kittens, I let them out of the cage, and when I am ready to go, I pick them up and put them back - usually one or two at a time. I count them as I put them back to ensure I get all of them in there and no one is left out.

When I get past the original number of kittens I usually giggle and keep on collecting and counting, and generally herding kittens.

This weekend though they were so determined to not stay in the cage that I finally ended up picking all five of them up at the same time and putting them away. The next morning I decided to leave the cage door open and see what happened.

Last time I left the door to the cage open, mom got out and would not go back in. Where as the kittens had yet to show they were good about finding the litter box (when they are little they'll just go in any corner that is close) I wasn't willing to let them have free run of the room. I figured I was asking for trouble, but how much more trouble was it to round up 14+ kittens??

When I went to check on them that afternoon, they were all out playing. Mom was once again under the couch. I decided to put some food down (and in the cage) and left to see what would happen.

When I went to check on them that evening, mom was back in the cage, and so were all the kittens. Just warms the heart to see them all pouring out of their "nest".

So they have had free run of the room for a little over 24 hours, and they seem to be doing well. Mom has been in the cage each time (save for the first) I went down to check on them. I'm still feeding them in the cage, so that might have something to do with it.

I also had another little milestone with mom. She got up and had a few bites of the food while I was in the room. Again this might not seem like much to someone who has never dealt with taming a wild kitty, but it does take some trust for her to move closer to me (the food was between me and her - even if it was in the cage) and to allow herself to be vulnerable enough to eat.

I'm having my wisdom teeth out on Thursday, and taking Friday off. I might just park myself in the kitten room all day Friday and see what happens.

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