Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommy Day,

For years, my kitties didn't realize about the human holiday called "mother's day" well a couple of years ago we explained it to them (we don't have human children to teach them) and since them I've gotten Mother's Day gifts.

This year I got a pair of shoes I have been hinting horribly to my DH, and the following note:

Happy Mommy Day,

To the best kitty mommy in the world that there was EVER.
We love you,
(flip page over)
And me too! I'm Fleurp. They didn't want me to sign it cause I'm little and cute and they are all jealous and everything and I love you more than them and I wont let them stop me and and...

Made me smile. That is soooo Fleurp.

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