Wednesday, May 20, 2009

foster updates

well it has been a while hasn't it. I know I need to get new photos uploaded, as they have grown quite a bit.

I was so hopeful for Sun. She ate while I was in the room, and she pulled her back away from the wall, but events since then have shown me that I'm just deluding myself into thinking she is going to be anything but the wild child she is.

First there was the incident when she got out of the cage. She freaked when I tried to get her back in. Finally did and she hasn't left since (that I'm aware of) even though I've been keeping the door open. Then two days ago I reached in the cage for her food bowl, and she lashed out at me. Fortunately I was faster, but she did intend to do me harm. She spent the evening growling at me. I locked her up in the cage, intending to return her to the shelter the next morning. I am still not quite sure how to accomplish that. I have ideas, and I hope they work. The next morning she was still growling at me and I was all ready to try to capture her, but seeing the kittens curled up next to the cage really tugged at my heart strings. I was not quite ready to leave the cage door open for them, but I decided to give her another day to calm down a little.

It's now been three days, and I've started leaving the door open again. the kittens were normally sleeping with mom until this morning. this morning I found them in places other than the cage. I'm still very reluctant to give mom any wet food. Wet food went down on the lower level with her. I'm filling her water bowl through the cage. Her dry food is up on a higher level, so I feel safe refilling that.

She is a beautiful healhy kitty. It is a shame to have to put her down simply because she doesn't get along with humans... but what is the alternative? if she is actively going to go after humans then there is the risk she could hurt someone.

She isn't going back to the shelter immediately any more, but I doubt that she will stay with me the entire time the kittens are here. Several of the kittens need to learn to bond with humans, and they just aren't getting that with her around. now that some of them weren't sleeping with her, I'm thinking it is just a matter of time before they are comfortable with out her.

I'm going to ask the foster coordinator to tell me she went to a barn to be a feral cat. What they really want to do with her is up to them.

As for the kits.. Cash and Almond are holding back. They are the ones sitting looking at me from across the room. Stashio is still full tilt and he's starting to get food agressive. Hazel and Mac are completely human dependant. Totally under foot, wanting to be held and patted. Seems I have the whole gambit of neediness going on.

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