Friday, August 13, 2010

And then there were four

OK that was way harder then even I thought it was going to be.  I woke up four times last night thinking of them.  it was foolish, but then again I've never been one to not be emotional, so I've just got to put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

I went and got the kittens at noon time and brought them into work.  They were very disruptive and a tad destructive - not having spent a lot of unsupervised time in an unkittenproof room, but it was fun.  I did bring them over a bit too early, as by the time the day ended a few "boxes" had been found for elimination purposes.  Got to give those kittens kudos for using a box though.

So I met the new "mom".  "Dad" didn't come in, but "Nana" and "Poppa" did.  It was really very cute.  And on paper and in the self contained moments that were their adoption, I should be thrilled.  But the woman who adopted them was someone I knew from high school (odd thing they told me the woman was from the town we went to school in, but she does not live there any more).  Now I have such bad memories from that time, that I'm sure it clouded my judgment on things, and I just have to focus on the here and now.  As I said, in the here and now, she is the ideal adopter. I don't think there was anything (aside from the history) that I could have asked that she be or do.  She previously owned a cat for 16 yrs until it became too ill (not just a little ill), and she has since had the kitty tattooed on her leg (great likeness too!)  She tears up at the mere thought of mentioning her kitty.  Her co-workers threw her a "kitten shower" with gifts for the "triplets".  She has a seven foot scratching post, already had food, litter, etc - meaning she put a LOT of thought into it.  She was going to take my suggestion of one room - and she made it her bedroom so they could sleep with her.

so the only thing that I could have asked for was to keep them at my house :)

The July set will be going back on Sunday.

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