Monday, August 2, 2010


Well there is good news, bad news, and just plain ol news.

The good news is he seems fine.  He's doing all his normal activities.  His weight is down to 10lbs but that is with in the "normal" for him.  He's taking his treatments just fine - almost seeming to ask for them.

The bad news, well it is to me.  We had company over the weekend, and he did not run and hide when they came in.  This is HUGE.... no wait.. HUGE!!  No one has seen him outside of family and the cat sitter we had the last time we went away since he was a kitten. Em's behavior changed as she faced her end of life stages, and I fear this is just one more thing.  Hopefully it is more of an older kitty thing, and not so much a dying thing.  He even sat there while the company came right up and patted him.  I was absolutely floored.  I'm trying not to let it break my heart, as it might not be a direct correlation to the cancer, but I can't help but thinking it is.  I also realized this morning I haven't seen him on top of the fridge in quite some time.

as for the news, he's been on herbs for a while, and he's taking them very well.  I realized though that chicken baby food is not enough of an enticement to get him to eat it, so I went out and bought ham, beef and turkey.

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