Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long story

home again

So, the kittens went off to be neutered on Tuesday.  I have to say it was not an easy thing for me.  They went to a different clinic then I've used before (actually my first rabbit was actually neutered there 15+ years ago).  I dropped them off at 8am, and went about my day.  When I have kittens neutered at the clinic closer to my work they are ready to go home at 1pm.  This one wanted me to call at 4pm.

So I called, and the boys were ready, but they hadn't even finished the girls.  They needed to spend the night (arrgh) and the clinic wasn't opening till 10 the next morning so I couldn't pick them up.  DH was going to pick them up after his thing, which was going to be closer to 4pm.  Well someone working at the clinic thought they were doing the shelter a favor and brought them to the shelter.  So now they were in a cage at the closed shelter and I couldn't get them until the next morning.  My goodness it was such a long process (not to mention they came home with actual stitches that need to be removed)

It was Thursday before they got home, and it was a fun reunion.  The girls were quite anxious to investigate to make sure nothing had changed, while the boys were anxious to sniff them to see where they had been.  Finally they settled down to have breakfast.
Once again another reason why I feel the need to try to keep the June kitties together.

They are just so darn cute.  I didn't put them on top of either post, they jut hang out together.
Buffy Snuggling

Willow and Angel
Buffy and Zander
You need a new do!
Zander: Bedroom eyes or "stop taking picts and play with me!"?
Don't you just love this expression?

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