Monday, August 16, 2010

feeling a bit better

I was thinking of B, Z and O last night, and I realized I was happy about their adoption.  I guess the pain of losing them  sending them on really was wearing on me.  I guess I'm just being overly emotional for what ever reason.

the new kittens are quite the pair.  They really like one another.  Here are some photos from the web cam this morning, The shots I took of them this morning will have to wait until I find the cord for my camera that I'm sure one of my cats ran off with..

I went to snuggle them a little bit and I started humming to them, that was apparently just the freakiest thing EVER, because they really didn't want me to do it.  They got used to it, but it took some time, and I could hear them saying "please stop that!!" very distinctly :)

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