Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'll admit it, I'm overly emotional

I did a write up for Buffy Zander and Oz in the hopes of finding them a home together.  The shelter posted it with some photos I sent over and today someone called.  Sounds like a good home.. so why are tears rolling down my cheeks? 

I know these kitties aren't mine, and I know they can't be.  I've resigned myself to the fact that they are only in my care for a short time, but these two litters are exactly what I want when I imagine the joy of fostering.  They are fun, loving, wanting attention, wanting to be in my lap, wanting to interact with me, healthy with just a smidge of needing care, and with purr boxes that can shake the walls when they are happy.

The ideal fosters don't come around very often any more.  Either they are so sick that it is scary, or they are so independent that I don't feel as if I am much more then a food dispenser and litter scooper.  The latter certainly makes it easier for me to give them back, but it isn't nearly as much fun.  Guess I forgot that when the fun ends, there is a hole.

DH is going out of town soon, so this means I will be kitten free for a little bit... which will probably make that hole a little deeper and a little darker.  I was so hoping that they would last out until next week.  If all goes well, they will be in their new home by the weekend.

We findz home soon.

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  1. oh Connie I know just how you feel. I tell myself each time to be brave and that they can't stay forever but I still feel the tears stinging in my eyes today when I took my foster kittens back yesterday.
    Have you got cats of your own? Whenever I'm feeling really sad about my foster kittens going I just spend loads of time with my cats to cheer myself up.
    I hope it all goes ok, take care


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