Monday, August 9, 2010

Mixed Messages

I wish my crew would get together and form a censous on what I should do each morning.  Ollie is of the thought that I need to get up... not just get up, but *GET UP NOW!*.. he walks right up the bed, puts his nose to mine and meows at me.  When I pat him he starts slamming his tail around.

When I start to stir, several other cats show up.  Jack is usually at my back, but Muffin will start at my calf and walk up my body and sit on my chest and insist that I stay in bed.  Fleurp is of the stay in bed variety of cat too.  Twee and Kit generally want to play.  Skippy shows up from time to time and sits on me and drools.  I don't think I've quite figured out what his agenda is, although I'm sure it changes randomly.

I have to tell you, it is very VERY hard to get out of bed when you do not want to AND you have 40+lbs of cat on and around you.  This morning I asked my husband to help me out, and he called to them and tried to get their attention, even so much as going into the kitchen which excited Ollie and Fleurp, but Jack and Muffin were NOT BUDGING!  I think nothing short of breakfast would have gotten them off me.

So I got up, and shuffled down the hall - my entourage in tow.  It really is quite amusing that where I go they go.  It is more dramatic in the AM when they think that food might be involved.

This morning while treating Ollie, he tried to jump up on the lounge and missed.  His tumor is definitely wearing on him.  I realized the other morning he hadn't jumped up over the fridge in quite some time.  DH hadn't noticed him up there either.  (surprisingly none of the other kitties who used to get up there have done either)   Just another sign post on that road.  Of course no one has told Ollie this, and he refuses to accept where he is going I think.  Last night we heard quite a bit of cat calling.  Twee does it when she gets lost.  Jack does it when he finds the fish.  Muffin does it from time to time when she feels she's not welcome on the bed with me (because she's stepped on my head three times in a row and I kept tossing her off - so she waits till I invite her back up)   Last night it would not stop despite calls that the humans were in the other room waiting for what ever need was needed.  DH commented that they were trying out for the glee club.  A few moments later I got up for something in the kitchen and saw Ollie biting Jack on the neck in that dominance stance that became all too familiar since Em passed.  Guess Ollie is just not ready to hand over his "King Ruler of All' crown.

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